Sunday, December 24, 2006

more pictures from the snow...

these pictures are from loveland.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

beautiful day

loveland colorado...

it's been a wonderful day today. we just had the most awesome blizzard that dumped about 2 feet of snow. we hardly ever get big dumps like this, so it's pretty special when it happens. here are some pictures looking out my backyard.

and one more.....

so i've had two consecutive snow days and i don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. no one ever plows our neighborhood and my civic doesn't quite have the ground clearance need to get out of here. i think i'll put my studded tires back on my bike and see if i can ride out of here tomorrow..... wish me luck :)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

it's a good thing i am an ex-cyclist....

because i suck! it's been a while since i've been on my mountain bike, but today i had the urge to get out there. i mostly didn't have time for a big long adventure, and i wanted to do only trail.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

coffee and friends

so today I really feel like an "ex-cyclist", in fact, I feel kind of like an "ex-human".  i'm sitting here in a "lawn" chair at a swimming meet recovering from a late night christmas party.  i'm not suffering from a hang over or anything like that. i was just out pretty late last night ["pretty late" for an ex-cyclist is about midnight]

funny how context is everything. when I am on my bike I feel like a bike rider, when i'm running I feel like a runner.... and even when i'm at work I feel like an engineer..... however at this moment I have nothing to identify with. i'm just a chair sitting pool watching blob. I can't even claim that am watching a swim event, since my seats are so bad. there are people standing in front of me like i'm not even here.

so here I sit with the taste of bad coffee still lingering in my mouth, blogging on these tiny keys. :)

the reason I had to drink bad coffee was because I failed bring my own coffee. I didn't really "fail" to bring it, it got here. it was just undrinkable when we got here. ex-cyclist tip number #555: never carry a ceramic coffee mug on the roof of the car in minus one degree weather, it is not the way to go. I noticed my frozen cup sitting on the top of my parked car, as I walked away.... it was quite impressive to see it still sitting up there on the slanted top, after 40 miles of highway driving.

the party last night was pretty interesting. I meet up with some old friends and chated about cycling and programming... one of the guys was recently hit by a car while riding home from work. it was pretty hard to hear his story, not because it was gorry, or tragic or anything. it was just hard to hear, because I could put myself into his situation very easily. i've been riding to and from work almost everyday for the past few months, and quite a bit the past 6 years before that.
his accident was the classic car pulling out into the high way not seeing the on-comming cyclist. It was also dark, but my friend had his head light... but it didn't help. except for a broken back, and some really bad pane my friend is going to be ok.

I ride home in the dark all the time, I don't how I have been so lucky but i'm really glad.