Wednesday, March 28, 2007

from the trails

being "the picture taker" you tend to get left behind a lot. i was actually really tired most of the time, because i am just out of shape and the 29'r s was killing me! it wasn't a big deal to stop all of the time.... at least for me it wasn't. it was really hard to push those big gears up so many hills. at one point up one of the many slick rock faces... i stayed at the base of the hill in total exhaustion, watching my group pass me one by one. as each one passed me i told him, that i would wait here until they returned. as the last guy in our group passed by me and my bike... i thought to myself, "how is this going to look at your funeral?" then i started up the damn rock. i had to use every muscle in my body to get the power i needed; including my arm muscles [from which i still suffer from as i type this blog].

here is another nice picture from the same area:
i should have blogged these pictures on the spot so i would remember the exact feeling i had when i took these. if my memory serves me correctly i think i was thinking, "damn this is pretty!" :) not much insight i know... but what do you expect from an old man?

this was really an awesome ride... even though i wanted to quit through most of it.

this ride outlined the most beautiful cliff. it was kind of breathtaking.

perhaps i should submit these pictures to some travel mag somewhere. it's really one of my favorite. or maybe the next one is.... hmm.

i still have more pictures, but maybe i'll save them for next time.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

classic example of camping
well here it is about 9pm and there is nothing left to do. we don't have a light or a it's off to bed. it's kind of cold and windy tonight and it might snow in the morning. I am pretty excited because I have not tried out my gear yet in rain or snow.
so it is pretty early right now and I thought I would blog before bed.
here are some pictures of me in my little tent


[inappropriate picture removed]

everything looks pretty rough doesn't it?
after my long hard day of unicycling I hooked up with my mountain biking friends. not long after I said my hellos we were packing our mountain biking gear and heading out to the trail.
my quads were still burning from the unicycling and riding my new 29r single speed up the trail was not going make them feel any better.

right before I left I was worried about having a gear that was too much for me... so I swaped out the back gear to a much more comfortable and whimpy 20 tooth.

I took some pictures see next post.


the end of unicycling...

on sunday i finally got to ride with my unicycling comrades. we rode pritchard canyon trail. this was a pretty difficult trail for the most part. i decided that i didn't want to just do the whole thing... i wanted to do everything. what i mean by that was "no walking". unfortunately i was not quite in shape for doing everything... and i only made it about half way. but oh was early in the season.

i don't think anyone noticed how much i did because i was at the end of the group and everyone else would just move on if the trail got too hard..... so it was very unrewarding i must say.

here is a picture i too while people were still in range...

two trips in one

this is my last "cross link" because i am not unicycling anymore.....

everything is an adventure

Here is a cross link to my story.

Sunday, March 11, 2007 that a purse?

well i sure didn't intend to. it all started a couple of weeks ago when i got tired of trying to find stuff from my pannier. they are really poorly made and have these horizontal pockets on the top of them. i put my cell, wallet, ipod, keys.... and bunch of other important stuff in them. as i was riding home one night i stopped to get out some gloves. i started to open one of the sides, and i noticed that i had forgotten to zip up this stupid horizontal pocket. this could have been very bad if i had lost any one of those things mentioned. luckily everything was still there.

i started looking around for an alternative pack. i don't want to carry around a backpack any more it's just not any fun. in the summer, my back gets so sweaty. i saw my friend had one of those handle bar packs on his bike.... hmmm, that might just be the thing i need.

i was at the sporting goods store and found one for 10 bucks. dang! sometime stuff is so cheap. anyway i brought it home and started filling it with my stuff. it was really cool. everything important had a place, and there was even room for my digital camera. that was nice, because then i could get to it easily and take some ex-cyclist shots. this worked really well.

one day i decided to bring my road bike into work. not a problem, i put my handle bar pack on my road bike, and the rest of the stuff into my backpack [my road bike does not have panniers]. i did this for about a week, and it worked great!

now i can switch between bikes and not forget anything.

one day i didn't even ride my bike in but since all my stuff was in my handle bar bag, i just threw it into my car. i then carried it from my car to my cube.... then at the end of the day i'd carry it from my cube back to the car... then into the house.

a few days later, i had to drive into work again, and proceeded with the same routine. you know what? when you are carrying around a handle bar bag in your hand, instead of the handle bars... it is no longer a handle bar bag..... it's a freakin' purse!

but it's soooo handy! i could even carry a first aid kit... or my jet boil stove.... you name it. i can see why women use purses. i don't know why they carry around so much useless crap. if i carried around a real purse. i'd have my leather man, some flint, one of those emergency blankets, my ipod, gorilla glue, a map, and a camera....oh yeah, and some breath mints and an almond snickers.

today was a really hard day..maybe i'll save it for the next post.

new single speed

i got this new single speed the other day. i'll admit, that it is kind of poserish of me to go out and buy a trendy bike. however, it was pretty much the only bike that i could afford, that fits my skill level. i would have had to get a bike that costs a couple grand. i know that sounds kind of arrogant of me but, when it comes to biking.... i am very arrogant.

so anyway, this single speed is awesome. it's a 9'r and all black. the only problem that i have is that the sales guy insisted that i get a 19 inch frame. i told him that i usually ride a 21 inch frame, but then he said "we're the same height, and a 19 is even a little big for me...".
"ok", i said reluctantly.

he didn't have the bike in the shop, so i had to order it with out even sitting on it. i sat on a similar bike, and it seemed a little small, but the guy convinced me that the seat just needed to be raised. i'm a fuckin' idiot for not speaking up, but this is not the first guy telling me that a 19 inch frame was the one for me. every shop i went into told me that i was basically wrong. even people that i know tell me the same thing. "we're the same height..."

so here is the ex-cyclist's opinion.... get out your pencils:
your height and inseam are only part of the accountable metrics. in my opinion these metrics carry very small weight in the grand scheme of things. have you ever sat down next to someone that is significantly shorter or taller than you? when you sit next to each other you are basically the same height? well, this is because the other person has a longer or shorter torso than you.

let's say someone has a really long torso, and short legs. the bike shop guys would put this person on a 17 inch frame. a 17 inch frame would be significantly shorter in length than a 19 or 21 inch frame. when this person sits on a small frame bike, his center of gravity will be thrown so far forward that more weight will be placed on the handlebars and his whole form will be very awkward. this is especially noticeable while mountain biking. so many people are on the wrong bike it's crazy.

in my case, i do not have an exceptionally long torso. i do however have exceptionally long arms. my reach is actually 4 inches longer than my height. so when i sit on a short bike, by arms are quite coiled up, and uncomfortable especially when seated. i am a little pissed that i let the guy sell me a 19 in bike, but at the same time they didn't make a 21 inch frame... and that was the bike i really wanted [gary fisher rig.]

my first ride that i took it on, i left the bike stock. it was quite uncomfortable and i felt out of control on the really technical stuff. after that ride i converted it to my preference. i put on this really long stem that i had from previous mtb. then i put on my monkey grip carbon handle bars. this made all the difference in the world! i feel in complete control now. i think i still need a seat post that sits back a little but i don't have one in-house to try.

so, the moral of the story... don't let someone else tell you how comfortable you are. always try the same bike one size larger, or on size smaller despite the sales guys insistence. if he is right then you can acknowledge him, and everyone will be happy. if he is wrong don't back down!

the trails are finally dry, so i'm going out to ride.



it's been a while since my last blog entry, and i apologize to all my loyal readers. aw... who am i kidding, no one reads this thing. in an effort to attract more readers, i've been thinking about making my blog a little more edgy. since my wife and kids have absolutely no interest in reading this, i can probably start using swear words from now on. if this fuckin' offends anybody, please let me fuckin' know. :)