Sunday, April 29, 2007


I must be getting delirious... doesn't this look like a rice farmer on a bike? As i rode through longmont i noticed that the decals were kind of changing, toward the end they actually started looking like the grim reaper... I wish i lived in longmont right now. not because of the crazy decals, but because i am sooo tired right now. my emergency ride [a.k.a wife] has left for work already, and now if i need a ride back home i'm going to have to bother a friend, or else just suck it up.

Somewhere west of longmont...still feeling good at this point. Only half way

On my way to boulder to meet up with some friends...late as usual

Just east of boulder ...on the way home. I bonked about an hour ago, i still have about thirty miles till home

Shady spot to rest

Saturday, April 28, 2007

My compost pegged my wife's new only had markings up to 125. My new wireless temp wont be here until next week. My guess is that the real temp is around 135-140!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A little muddy

rabbit mountain after work

Sunday, April 22, 2007

happy earth day!

i didn't remember that it was earth day when i originally posted this article. you may have noticed that i changed the title. i think i will create a save the earth blog... i'll post a link if i decide to do it or not.

here is the ex-cyclist and his new compost pile. my wife was too busy for the picture, and i forgot to bring my bike out for a pose.

here is the original :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

here is today's description

Friday, April 20, 2007

three days

it's been three full days at my new job. i rode in two of the three, and i must say that i am very tired. the first day i rode in as an ex-cyclist, my old bianchi cyclo-cross tires and panniers. i was so tired that day. one thing that i learned from that day is that ex-cyclism is pretty fun if you're not trying to get somewhere fast. when i rode in that first day i was hammering. i was pretty much time-trialing the whole way. on the way home it was more of the same only then it felt like a slight head wind. btw, that's where the previous post's pictures were taken.

on thursday i didn't ride, because i had to hurry back to loveland for various reasons.

today, i used my road bike for the trip. it's been a while since me and my old friend had a good ride together. i put new tires and tubes on her this morning just before we left. i forgot how much lighter this bike is that my bianchi. we were flying. i was putting out about the same effort as i did on wednesday, only now i was going much faster. i got to work in about 46 minutes. i didn't know how far i rode, but i had guessed it was almost 14 miles.

later that day i was chatting with a friend of mine, and sent out a google map link of my commute. after i sent it i noticed that google claims my ride was 16.8 miles!!! i was really happy about that. no wonder i was so tired... nothing to do with me being fat and out of shape :)

the ride home was not very rewarding for some reason. i think that the new distance information kind of gave me an excuse for not trying hard. i just cruised home tired and out of water.

it's been a pretty hard week.... i don't know if will be able to ride in three days a week or not!?!?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Just a nice looking night

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


On the way home from my new job

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ok the phone posts are ready

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

i gotta get out of this place

well, as sucky as yesterday's ride was, today's drive was just from the flames of hell. i've only been working down in westminster for 8 days, but i've probably already put more miles on my car than i have for the past 6 months! you may think that i am just exaggerating and i may be for all i know... but still it's a lot of miles!!

westminster is just a poorly designed city. the roads are not capable of handling the amount of traffic going through them. i sat at one light for about 10 minutes. it actually changed colors about 5 or 6 times.. i just couldn't cross the intersection because the cars on the other side were not moving.

i'll will probably just drive into work the next couple of days.... but i will not enjoy it :(

there are no "bad" rides

but some rides do suck more than others, and yesterday's ride was probably at the bottom of the list. this is my second [and last] week working down in westminster, before i start my new job in longmont.

last week i didn't try to ride because i had something to do before work or after work. everything required a car. i brought my road bike with me everyday just in case i felt like doing a lunch ride. my big boss actually invited me for a lunch ride last week, but after i turned in my resignation he no longer asks. anyway, my bike sat on the car the whole week.

i've been feeling guilty for driving so much, so yesterday i tried to ride part of the way in. the whole way is about 34 miles and too far for me at this point in the season. i ended up driving part of it and riding the last 13 miles or so. effort wise the ride in was not bad at all. however there were parts where i had no shoulder to ride in and there was quite a bit of traffic. i was pretty gripped out for those sections.

my ride home was just horrible. i had the same no shoulder roads only this time i had an unbelievable amount of traffic and really strong cross winds. it was so sketchy i almost just started walking my bike. there is no direct route over the freeway, so i have to snake my way through the side streets and back roads. this area of town does not seem to have street lights or cross walks anywhere. most of the streets i had to cross had merging streets into them which works out well for cars. for bikes... well you're on your own. i had to sit forever and wait for a break in traffic, then "go for it". finally i got out of the city streets and back out on the highway. this time it was cross to head wind.... and cold!

i finally got back to my car extremely cold and dehydrated. i started up the car turned the heater up full blast and sat there for a while de-thawing.

to add salt into my fresh wound... as i was getting really close to home i noticed that the driver in front of me was trying to tell me something by pointing up to the sky and to the roof of his car.. all while looking in his mirror at me. wtf? finally i got a clue and looked up through my sun roof and saw that my bike had tipped over. i could see it leaning sideways and i could also tell that one of the front wheel drops was bent at a right angle. @#$#! i eventually pulled over and checked things out and the damage was confined to my front drop. i tried to straighten it out on the rack and ended up just making it a little better, but now it no longer fit in the rack. after some creative positioning i managed to lock in the good drop and held the bike through my open sun roof. i only had a block or two till i got home but man my had almost froze off!

this morning i i managed to straighten the drop and everything seems fine for now.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


here is cool article about bout the ex-cyclist....

Sunday, April 8, 2007

almost famous

here is what i did last week.

getting lazy

well, my company just shut down the loveland office last week. we are now down toward denver. so my previous commute was about 7 miles... now it will be up to 35! i might be able to do that ride once a week... maybe two, i could also go back to what i used to do. which was drive halfway, and bike the rest. by no means can i get rid of my car now. so i had to find a new job and fast. i was lucky enough to find one in longmont just 14 miles from my house. i'm pretty excited that i should be in pretty good shape this year after that commute. there is still hope that i can get rid of the car now... but probably not for good.

i've got one week left at my current job and i will try to do as much riding as possible.