Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lost pictures from my trip to ward.

The start of the trail.

more flowers

More flowers

return of the ex-cyclist

The ex-cyclist is back! I haven't been on my bike for while, and today i rode out to the trail and then ran it. It felt pretty good to not drive. This was a flower on the trail

Friday, May 18, 2007

words from the ex-cyclist.

well, it's been nearly two weeks and i have not ridden my bike. i have been driving to work every day since then and i am feeling horrible. i really hate using my car so much. i see lots of people riding to work now, more so than usually, most likely because of the high gas prices. people really need this however. spending money on gas seems to be a bigger motivator than a used up planet. perhaps people would be more motivated if some economist could put a price tag on how much it's going to cost to have fresh air pumps in your house and car [most likely what ever happens with global warming...we will still drive cars]. perhaps getting a sample of the future cost of all this would motivate people to conserve.

i know that i talk from a pretty high place, but i practice from a fairly low stand, but at least i am trying...and i have been trying all my life. a lot of the problem for me is that everything takes an initial investment. solar energy wind power, hybrid cars...etc. as for me, well i really think that things are completely screwed up. i really think that these are band-aid solutions to the problem in general.

here is the problem. every city and town in this country is controlled by short sighted money hungry baboons. how can something like a strip mall become such a standard? have the buildings surround the parking lot! what a fucked up idea that is. it is everywhere however. they have become so huge, that it is very difficult to even walk from one store to the next. unless you are very ambitious and the "mall" is reasonable, most people drive from one store to the other. this concept of the strip mall has been incorporated into the huge super malls. these are the malls where we find best buy and dick's sports, circuit city....

why is it that we never see a super market next door to a best buy? or a doctor's office next to a dentist? and either of those next to a restaurant? because everything is fucked up that's why. most people never get more than two destinations from one drive. that needs to change.

i would love to be able to ride my bike to one place, get some hardware, groceries and bike parts with one trip.

anyway, this zoning needs to change, and development on these new projects needs to be flagged. it's the best way to lessen our dependencies on cars.

also, what the hell is going on with all the drive-throughs lately? don't people know the impact of idling cars? this should be the first thing to go in our societies. in my experience drive-throughs only have about a 50% chance of getting your order right to begin with... so get off your fat asses and walk inside.... no excuses.

ok, i am sufficiently fired up now.... but i have to drive into work again :( hopefully next week i can do a better job.

please comment!

Monday, May 7, 2007 least it's not my leg this time

sunday's ride seemed to have longer term effects than just the normal sore muscles, aching back, and fainting spells. i think i also got a stress fracture on my arm. about a third of the way up from my wrist to my elbow. i didn't bump it or anything, i think it was just from the constant pounding of the road. my arms were numb most of the ride up and ll of the way back... so i couldn't feel any pain. today it was very swollen, and everything hurts. it hurts as i write this.... and when i pick up stuff. i'm pretty sure it's a stress fracture, i would go check it out tomorrow, but i am in between jobs right now and the new insurance doesn't kick in for a couple of weeks... and this visit would have to be a cobra visit....yuk i hate having to worry about stuff like that... i thought insurance was supposed to make it so you don't have to worry.


well, i don't know what is going on.... each weekend ride is worst that the previous weekend. last weekend i had the disastrous 96'r, and this weekend, i tried to take a trip up to ward.
once again i was running quite a bit late, and so i ended up hammering from loveland to longmont. i knew it was going to happen since i was over 20 minutes late, and i severely underestimated the distance. i really wanted to just rest as soon as i got there, but since my friend was patiently waiting for so long, i didn't want to ask to chill for a bit and have some lunch talk about work or something before we took off. instead, we just jetted off to the hill as soon as i arrived [no rest]. we chatted most of the climb at least the first 90% or so until i just couldn't breath and talk at the same time. my friend just kept motoring up the hill while i just dropped back and climbed at a leisurely 20-30 rpms. i was hurting pretty good for the last part of the climb, and it was so freaking cold my arms were starting to go numb. there was a little bit of snow on the road, but most of it was on the trees. when i got to the store, my friend's bike was parked outside and i couldn't wait to go inside and join him. i was going to borrow some money from him because if you've ever been to ward, you know that they are lucky to have electricity...let alone credit card readers. unfortunately my friend didn't have anything either. i sat around the store digging through my camel bak looking for that elusive ... perhaps non-existent $5 bill. the guy at the store finally felt sorry me and let me buy something as long as i promised to send him the money... "two hot chocolates please" :)

the ride down was no picnic. i had this wind breaker that had been through the wash a few times and seemed to have lost its ability to "break" the wind. it was an endless decent that was just unbearable. i kept slowing down because i kept thinking that i was going to get frost bite on my nose. funny, last week i was worried about heat exhaustion... this week it's frost bite :)

when we got to the bottom of the hill, my friend parted his direction and me mine. when i left him i had already bonked... actually i couldn't tell if i bonked or i was just depleted of all my energy reserves and on the edge of consciousness.... in any case i was still about 20 miles from home and about 1 mile from death. i decided to call my ace-in-the-hole, my rock, my till-death-do-we-part, unfortunately she was too busy getting ready for work and didn't have time to go get me. :( i even thought about having my 15 and a half year old drive out buy himself and get me... i'd better not. i finally accepted the fact that i am going to have to tough this out by myself, and so i stopped at the seven eleven for some food.

after a relaxing meal that seemed to make me even more tired, i started my journey home. the skies were getting dark and the wind was picking up. and just like a poorly scripted sitcom where predictability and canned laughs are the essence of its being.... so to was the direct head winds that beat upon my body as i forged ahead into the sapping wind. if you think this paragraph is overly dramatic, you are correct....however, you should have seen my face, and heard my cursing under my breath as i struggled to forward.

i finally made it but it was so horrible. the wind kept getting stronger and stronger as i got closer to home.... serious!

i miss the days where i kept everything in my panniers and rode as fast or as slowly as i felt. there is something a little different when i get on my road bike.... i don't know why's just different.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

foot prints

my carbon foot print has been pretty big lately, so i was really wanting to ride to work today. last week didn't work out because i had to do a bunch of things before and after work almost everyday. so today i was going to ride in. i hadn't ridden since sunday's 96'r.

i don't think i told you about my 96'r. i went out riding with my friends on sunday. we were going to do about a 40 mile road ride. so i decided that i needed something epic, and rode from my house to the meeting place. this added another 30 miles each way. this would make the entire day a little over 100 i thought. as you can tell from my mobile blog post , i barely made it back home. everything was bothering me... my butt, my head, my skin [forgot sun screen]... oh yeah, my stomach. it was a tough day, and i am just happy to be alive :).

i took monday and tuesday off and wednesday was my next chance. last night my wireless thermometer came in and i really wanted to hook it up to the webcam. this morning i was trying to get my web software working and the time was going by quickly. i wanted to leave home by 7:30... next thing i knew it was 8:00 and i still hadn't taken a shower.... yikes 8:15 i just got it going, and ran off to take a shower. boy! the shower was feeling good this morning. i was just relaxing... then i remembered that i was in a "hurry". i quickly got out, got dressed into my bike clothes, packed my cycling stuff, and out the door i went.

i started out pretty hard, because i was already late. i got about 5 miles out and then i remembered that i didn't have any shoes to wear at work. bummer. when i'm on my bianchi i never had this problem. since it has platform pedals i always wear regular shoes. not so with my road bike. i called up my wife to see if she was going to longmont today...but NOOOO. i went to work anyway, walked around most of the day with my clicky clacky cycling shoes. i tried to stay at my desk most of the day so i wouldn't have to walk around.

except for the shoe thing it was a pretty good day.

compost cam is here!

i finally got my "compost camera" setup. it's actually a thermometer cam. my kids told me..."just think, there are kids in ethiopia that don't know their compost temperature."