Sunday, August 12, 2007

first morning in california

i was very excited to be in the california mountains again. so excited that i woke with the sun [5:00am]. i never checked my watch, but it was pretty early i could tell.

my first goal was to climb donner pass and get some pictures along the way:

you can see the old railway along the top.

this picture on the left is looking down at donner lake.

the climb up to the top was pretty easy... at least easier than i remember. after all i did this climb twice last year, once on a rented mountain bike, and once on my unicycle while carrying a huge back pack. this was nothing like that, thank god!!

i got back to camp pretty early and decided to do some more exploring on my bike. i am so happy that i decided to bring my old bianchi with the cyclocross tires rather than my mtb bike or road bike. since i had a bike that could go anywhere i found a pretty sweet single track not far from camp.

if anyone knows "jp" please thank him/her for me. this trail just climbed up the mountain on the south side of donner lake. it was full of switch backs and until i got a peek of the lake i had no idea where i was. it was one of those trails where you want to turn around because you're getting further away than you planned, but because it's so unknown, you're all alone, and the gound is perfect.... you keep going.

so i kept going and i am so glad that i did, because at the top of the trail i found the railroad tunnel....and i just love tunnels.

it was really freaky to go inside because it was so dark, damp, and full of bat noises. there wasn't much room on the sides to dodge a train if needed either!

but i had to get this shot :)

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