Sunday, August 12, 2007


it's been about a week since my vacation was over and i've been busy catching up with work and home projects. actually it's been so hot i just sit around all day and try not to move.

i think that right now i am hotter than i was when i was back in sacramento. weird, but for the first time in a long time it was actually cooler in sac than in colorado. speaking of sacramento:

while in sacramento i tried do as much as i could but we only had a couple of days, and doing just "me" stuff would have pissed off the family.

i did a little bit of running one morning around william land park. when i was younger, i used to run this every day.... twice a day!

i know it may not seem like anything special, but it was about 3.1 mile around, and almost completely shady. on this morning i only ran two laps, because i'm not in the greatest running shape right now.

anyway it's a beautiful park, and it reminds me of home.... speaking of home, it seems that the neighborhood that i grew up in turned into a ghetto. i'm not using the word loosly either.... it's really bad. my old house looks pretty good however, and it still has our family name on the driveway.

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